Sunday, 4 February 2018

It's a stamp! Tree stamp painting

What a fabulous day we've had today. The family came to lunch which I got on the table without mishap. I even made sure to make too much so that there would be some left for tomorrow.  Can't get any better really. 

So, I now have time to make a card.  I've chosen to use the tree from 'I Brake for Stamps' as my new stamp. I've not used it before despite the stamp sheet being a really popular one. Silly me then, is all that I can say.

Just love tree stamps

One of the special things about this stamp is that it can be coloured straight onto the stamp. To get the two or even three tone effect on the tree you will need to use at least three pens. I used the Kuretake, Zig Art and Graphic pens in colours 57, 55 and 49. These are available from me.

Please leave a message if you want them.

The star of the show, the tree stamp is from the Trees Plate 3, sheet below and it is the one featured in Craft Stamper too.

Last but not least is the ribbon which is the 9cm saddle stitch which is a recent addition to the huge ribbon range that I will link to on eBay.

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