Monday, 30 January 2017

Never show your granddaughter a pretty soft toy unless you are prepared to make one. It's a good idea to read the pattern first to make sure that you have the patience. This took me far longer than I thought it would and now the other two grand children want one each. LOL.

This fabulous rabbit is made from a pattern that I bought from and is by a lovely and talented designer called Julie Williams. Here's her page.

She has lots of patterns. I have also bought the bear pattern so that will be the next one.

I have to admit that you need to know what you are doing as far as knitting is concerned. It is a bit tricky when you have to cast on so many stitches to form the shape of the head and feet. It didn't help that I used a stiff yarn that had no give in it. 

You will also see that I deviated a bit from the original pattern as I didn't have the right wool. Hence the purchase of the bear pattern. I used the feet from the pear to make the rabbit feet.

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