Monday, 8 February 2016

Let's Make a Cushion

I don't have my sewing machine to hand these days, as I left it with my daughter. I had a vague inkling that there was an old Singer machine in my loft so, armed with a torch and some dusters I found the beautiful vintage machine that I thought was there. After some time cleaning and dusting it I found that it was still in working order. There was even an instruction booklet so I was away. Not too far away as it only does straight stitching but that was all that I needed to make this cushion.

I have been itching to use the fabric that I bought last year especially as I've now got some beautiful lace to sell too. So, I decided that it would be cushion making for me this weekend. If you want to buy the lace then please leave a message.

Cushion making seems to me to be the latest trend. I'm not one for trends, but this fabric and lace was calling out to be made into a cushion.

 The first attempt is below. I thought it a little plain so I made a ribbon rose and added it to the cushion.

Much happier with this one.

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